Some of our Customers

Iglearn, established in April 2007, is an integrated IT solutions company specializing in computer-based AI / Machine Learning and Examination software solutions.

Since its inception, Iglearn has been involved in the development, implementation, and support for AI-based machine learning and education software. We have since accumulated a rich volume of experience in the field and have amassed a large "blue chip" client base.

Our research and development office is located in Prague (Czech Republic). Our marketing and sales offices are based in Vancouver (BC), Prague (Czech Republic) and Cologne (Germany).

In today's rapidly shifting business environment, we provide a custom-tailored, yet flexible approach to meet your company's unique business requirements. We are committed to the highest standards of usability, functionality, robustness, and stability in our IT solutions.

If your goal is to enhance online learning through advanced e-Learning platforms, Iglearn specializes in delivering e-Learning solutions designed to elevate the educational experience.

Iglearn is a Microsoft Partner Program, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and ESC member.